Plant-based Healthy Food RETREAT

“Your mind is a garden … Your thoughts are the seeds … You can grow flowers … Or you can grow weeds”

This educating health retreat will give you all the information and guidance for a better, healthier life style so you can move forward with new beginnings while taking good care of your body.  You will go home feeling completely energised & fit, with lots of wonderful recipes of Plant-based food to set you on your way down the road to a new body and mind.

During this retreat, we all cook together with the help and experienced guidance of Biljana, and of course this includes the clearing up after 🙂 ………… Some of the activities and coaching by Lavinia, as shown in the standard retreat will also be included e.g. Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Confidence Building and lots of fun. So you will see it is a fully packed retreat to set you on your journey to health, confidence and a new road to your improved life style. For more information, please see the LIVE video via the link below